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  1. Elective Subjects

    What is an elective / optional subject?

  2. Intensive Subjects

    What are intensive subjects?

  3. Unable to enrol in subjects or change Study Plan

    How can I get help if I am unable to enrol in subjects or change my Study Plan via my.unimelb?

  4. Notification of Change of Citizenship/PR

    I have just received my Australian Citizenship/Australian Permanent Residency. How do I notify the University?

  5. Core Subjects

    What is a core subject?

  6. Course progression rules

    What are course progression rules?

  7. Enrolment Declaration

    What is the 'Enrolment Declaration'?

  8. Withdrawing from subjects
  9. Full Time/Part Time

    Can I change from full-time to part-time (or the other way around) in my course?

  10. Subject withdrawal options tool

    What are my options for withdrawing from a subject?

  11. Study Plan - changing subjects

    What do the terms 'choose' and 'change' mean?

  12. Summer Term Subjects

    Where do I find out which subjects are available in the Summer Term?

  13. Subject/Course Change Deadlines

    What are the deadlines for subject and course changes?

  14. Understanding the Study Plan and Subject Enrolment
  15. Requisite Waiver

    How can I get subject prerequisites or corequisites waived?

  16. 'Course' and 'Subject' Definition

    What is the difference between a 'Course' and a 'Subject'?

  17. Non-VCE Subject Prerequisites

    How can I get my non-VCE study approved as prerequisite study so I can enrol in my first year subjects?

  18. Changing Subjects Post-Enrolment

    Can I change my subjects after I have enrolled?

  19. Part-Time Study

    How is part-time study defined?

  20. University Dates

    What are the University's key dates?

  21. Summer Term Enrolment

    What is a Summer Term enrolment?

  22. Credit points

    What are credit points?

  23. University Handbook Subject Page

    What information is available from each subject page in the Handbook?

  24. Different types of subjects

    What different types of subjects are there?

  25. Prerequisites and Corequisites
  26. Early Exit Awards

    What is an Early Exit award?

  27. Handbook How-To

    How do I use the Handbook to choose subjects?

  28. Handbook Subject Key Dates

    What key dates are listed for subjects in the Handbook, and what do they mean?

  29. Student Obligations & Census Dates
  30. Enrolment Overloading
  31. Enrolment cancellation and reinstatement
  32. Enrolment Lapse Date

    What is the Enrolment Lapse Date?

  33. Cross-Institutional Study

    Can I take subjects from another university to count towards my course at Melbourne?

  34. Extra Subjects

    How do I take extra subjects beyond the normal completion limit for my course?

  35. Exchange application processing

    How can I track the status of my exchange application?

  36. Non-credit Exemptions

    What are non-credit exemptions?

  37. Understanding Subject Codes

    How can I determine the subject year level and study area from the subject codes in the University Handbook?

  38. Re-enrolment
  39. Non-allowed subjects

    What is a non-allowed subject?

  40. Points and Subjects

    How many points are my subjects worth?

  41. Handbook Course Page

    What information is available from each course page in the Handbook?

  42. Exchange/study abroad study plan statuses

    What does the status on my exchange/study abroad study plan mean?

  43. Breadth Tracks

    What do I need to know about Breadth Tracks?

  44. Reduced Study Load
  45. Late re-enrolment fee
  46. Incomplete enrolment
  47. Enrolment and International Students
  48. Majors, Minors & Specialisations
  49. Enrolling in subjects

    How do I enrol in subjects?

  50. Breadth subjects
  51. Adjusting the Study Plan
  52. Reduced Study Load applications
  53. Help with Choosing Subjects
  54. How to choose subjects and plan your course
  55. Study Plan Status Definitions
  56. Understanding your study plan
  57. Subject Availability Definition

    What is a subject availability?

  58. Failing a teach-out subject

    If I fail a subject that is being taught out, how will I make up for it?

  59. Course Advice
  60. Re-enrol now for 2019
  61. Quota Subjects
  62. The Student Charter