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Non-allowed subjects

What is a non-allowed subject?

Some subjects have non-allowed subjects listed in their Handbook entry (under the Eligibility and Requirements section).

If you have already completed, enrolled in or have been given advanced standing for any of the subjects listed under the ‘non-allowed subjects’ section, you will not be able to enrol in the subject. If you have enrolled in a non-allowed subject for later in your degree, you may choose to withdraw from it so you can enrol in the subject (however, if the non-allowed subject is a core or compulsory subject, you will need to stay enrolled in it). 

Usually ‘non-allowed subjects’ are:
• Other subjects with a strong enough overlap in material with the subject in question, such that there would be little educational value in studying both. This also includes subjects that have changed name and/or code over the years, since this would be a 100% overlap in material.

Sometimes ‘non-allowed subjects’ can instead be:
• Previous study that may have been taken prior to your commencement at the University (for example, having taken a particular VCE subject may invalidate you for enrolling in a particular University subject). 
• Attainment of certain grades in a University subject or previous study (for example, having completed a particular subject may not stop you from enrolling in the subject in question, but completing it with a grade of 80 or more may).