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Study Plan Status Definitions

What does the status on my Study Plan mean?

The Study Plan status appears on the 'Choose a Study Plan' and 'Study Plan Details' screens in eStudent.

 Status Definition
 Applied You have lodged an application for a course.
 Offered The University has offered you a place in a course.
 Admitted You have accepted your course offer. You may be ready to enrol into subjects or may have already enrolled in subjects. You will remain at this status for the majority of your course.
 Leave of Absence You have taken leave from your course. While on leave you maintain your place in the course and have a specified return date recorded on the system.
You will not have any subject enrolments in the semester for which the Leave is active but you may have subject enrolments in future semesters.
 Potentially Complete You have enrolled into the final subjects on your Study Plan and are likely to complete at the end of the current semester. The final subjects will have a status of Enrolled, all other required subjects will have a status of Passed.
 Conditionally Complete You have completed all subject requirements but you have additional completion criteria. For example, if you are taking a concurrent diploma, you must complete all requirements of both courses before you can receive either Award.
 Passed You have completed all requirements for the course and can now receive the Award. All required subjects will have a status of Passed.
 Withdrawn You have applied to withdraw from the course and are no longer enrolled.