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Failing a teach-out subject

If I fail a subject that is being taught out, how will I make up for it?

If a student fails a compulsory subject then the subject will need to be repeated. Although the exact subject may no longer be taught, the University is committed to ensuring students have a range of elective options to meet their needs, and in some courses their choice of electives will be increasing. 

If a subject is being taught out, students will be able to take a recommended alternative, either one specified by a teaching department or one negotiated with the student on a one-on-one basis. 

Nevertheless, some subjects will no longer be offered in future years and students should plan their course with this in mind. 

Should a student fail, they should make sure that they discuss their future study plan by speaking with a Stop 1 staff member.

For degrees with professional admission requirements such as Law, alternative arrangements will be offered each semester to accommodate students who have failed a subject being offered for the final time that is required for the purpose of admission to legal practice.