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Summer Term Enrolment

What is a Summer Term enrolment?

‘Summer Term’ subjects can run anywhere inside the Summer period, which spans from the end of one year’s Semester 2 to the beginning of the following year’s Semester 1. Completing subjects over the Summer period may enable you to: 

  • complete your degree in a shorter timeframe
  • repeat failed subjects, or
  • complete subjects which are prerequisites for subjects running later in the year.

When can I enrol in a Summer Term subject?

You can enrol during the Re-enrolment period up until the last date to self-enrol, as listed in the subject entry in the University Handbook.

How many Summer Term subjects can I enrol in?

Some courses may have restrictions on how many Summer subjects you can enrol in. You may also be at risk of overloading if you enrol in Summer subjects and you are already enrolled in a full time load for Semester 1.