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Course progression rules

What are course progression rules?

Course progression rules are requirements which govern a student's progression through their course.

For most bachelor degrees, students need to have passed at least 50 points at each year level before proceeding to the next year level (e.g. students need to have passed 50 points of level 1 subjects before they can enrol in level 2 subjects).

These rules are in place to ensure that students have sufficient background knowledge and skills to cope with subjects at the next level. Level 2 subjects build on the skills and knowledge obtained at level 1, and level 3 subjects build on the skills and knowledge obtained at level 2.

The University Handbook entry for your course provides information about course requirements, including any progression requirements. These requirements are usually noted under the course structure section in the course information of your bachelor degree. It may be noted in a similar way to the following: "Students must complete 50 points of study at one year-level before proceeding to the next year-level".

You can see the How to plan your course page for help on choosing your subjects.

What happens if I enrol in subjects at the wrong level?

If you enrol in subjects at a higher level before completing 50 points at the lower level:

  • You may struggle with the subject content and possibly fail the subject
  • You will not be able to use it as grounds for applying for extensions, special consideration or fee remission
  • A CPR sanction will appear on your record against that subject once it has been identified that you are enrolled in a subject at the wrong level
  • You may be withdrawn from the subject by Stop 1 staff (even if you have already registered for classes or purchased subject materials). 

If you have enrolled in a subject at the wrong year level, you can withdraw via my.unimelb. Before withdrawing, it is important to keep in mind the key dates for changing your enrolment.

Can I apply for a waiver of the course progression rules?

You may be eligible for a waiver of course progression rules if you can demonstrate that you have met the requirements through other studies, such as university subjects completed in a previous degree or as part of UMEP studies.

Requests for waivers of course progression rules are not approved on the basis of:

  • Strong performance in secondary or lower level subjects
  • Subject Coordinator approval (Subject Coordinators are able to waive subject pre-requisite requirements, but not course progression rules)
  • Interest in the subject.

If you believe you are eligible for a waiver of the course progression rules, you can apply online.

I have a pre-requisite waiver for a subject, can I enrol in the subject if I don't meet course progression rules?

No. Course progression rules are in addition to subject pre-requisite requirements.

Need help with your enrolment?

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