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Accessing student email

How can I access my student email account?

All student emails are hosted by Gmail.

You can access your student email by:

  • Direct login page via Gmail. Be sure to use USERNAME@student.unimelb.edu.au to login, where USERNAME is your my.unimelb login
  • Via the ‘Email’ icon on the homepage of my.unimelb.

Your student email is part of your student Google Apps account, where you have access to other Google services such as Google Drive and Google Docs. Visit the Student IT website for more information.

When setting up your University account for the first time, you must enter your details on the Account Management site. This generates a verification link to be sent to your personal email. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to set-up multi-factor authentication and choose a password.

If you forget your username, contact Stop 1. To reset your password, go to sso.unimelb.edu.au and click on 'Forgot password?'.

It is a University requirement that all students check their student email accounts and my.unimelb Notices at least twice per week, including during University breaks or Leave periods.

University emails may occasionally land in your spam folder. Even if you are familiar with your filters, security rules on the internet are constantly changing. Due to this, we recommend checking your spam folder regularly to ensure you don’t miss any important notifications.


Can I forward email from my student account to my personal account?

Yes. Refer to this Google support page for more information on forwarding emails to another account, or to the Student IT Google Apps FAQ.

While forwarding may be a useful way of managing University emails, please note the following important information about forwarding your email:

  1. Arrangement for University student emails to be forwarded to other accounts is at your own risk.  
  2. Non-receipt of emails sent by the University to your UoM student email account is not considered to be a valid reason for failure to take any required action regarding your enrolment and/or fees.  
  3. You are still responsible for checking your UoM student email account regularly, as stated in the Enrolment Declaration which students are required to agree to each year.
  4. Within 12 months of completing your studies, your student email account will be deleted. Any forwarding that you have set up will also cease when your account is deleted.

If you are not receiving any emails and you have not forwarded your email to another account, try refreshing the page by clicking 'refresh' or 'reload' on your browse window or by changing the browser you are using.

For further assistance, you may wish to visit Student IT.

Please ensure that any email that you send to the University of Melbourne or its staff is sent from your official University account, as this will allow the University to access your student profile in responding to your enquiry or request.

How can I access my student email if I’m in a region where Gmail isn’t accessible?

University email accounts are hosted and supported by Google Mail (Gmail), which is not accessible in some countries like China. If you are located in a region where Gmail is not accessible, you are unable to access Google's email service directly through my.unimelb or the Google App direct login page.

To access your student email anywhere in the world, we recommend you forward your emails to another email account: 

1. Set up a personal email account that is enabled in your region (eg QQ Mail, Yahoo or Hotmail).
2. Forward your University email to your personal account. Refer to this Google support page for more information on forwarding emails to another account, or the Student IT Google Apps FAQ