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On 31 December 2021, Oracle Service Cloud will be decommissioned. In readiness, a new OSC Data Archive solution is now available for you to view all historical student enquiries from Oracle Service Cloud. If you currently have access to Oracle Service Cloud, you also have access to the OSC Data Archive. Find out how to log in including view an incident recordview a contact recordseek help, and request access for new starters.

For general information, including guidelines, accessing training, requirements and troubleshooting, see Manage FAQs on ask.unimelb.

Oracle Service Cloud

  • To manage enquiries, FAQs and other tasks, sign in to Oracle Service Cloud with your staff login details.
  • A computer operating Windows and Internet Explorer is required. For more information about computer requirements, see Manage FAQs on ask.unimelb.
  • Note about system requirement: In order to remain supported, OSC desktop agents are recommended to upgrade their system's .NET Framework to versions later than 4.7.0. To find out detailed instructions how to do this, please take a look at this article.

Access Oracle Service Cloud

Technical support

  • If you are experiencing issues with Oracle Service Cloud, contact Level 1 Support on 40888.
  • For general IT support, check Staff Hub.