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Notification of Change of Citizenship/PR

I have just received my Australian Citizenship/Australian Permanent Residency. How do I notify the University?

If you have received your Australian Permanent Residency, Australian Citizenship or New Zealand Citizenship documents, you will need to notify the University, as your fee type may change.

To notify the University, please complete the Change of Citizenship form.  

You will need to include copies of your passport (the page with your personal details and photo) and your permanent residency visa, or your Australian citizenship certificate. Please note that a citizenship grant letter is not sufficient evidence of citizenship.

What will my new fees be?

Australian Permanent Residents who become Australian Citizens

If you are an Australian Citizen enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place you will be able to defer your tuition using HECS-HELP.

If you are an Australian citizen in an Australian Full-Fee paying place you will be able to defer your tuition using FEE-HELP.

For more information, visit the Study Assist website.

International students who have been granted Australian permanent residency

Australian Government regulations do not allow you to continue your course as an international student after you become a permanent resident. Upon gaining permanent residency, you must become either an Australian fee-paying student or a Research Training Program student (graduate researcher).

All students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place or a Research Training Program may be charged the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). For further information, please visit Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

If Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) are available for your course you will automatically be considered for a CSP, and if successful notified via email to your student email address.

International students who have been granted New Zealand Citizenship or New Zealand Permanent Residency

Students who receive New Zealand Citizenship are eligible to study in Australia in a local fee paying place.

Please note: International students who receive New Zealand Permanent Residency remain as international students paying international fee rates.

When will my fee type change?

If your Australian Permanent Residency or Australian or New Zealand Citizenship is granted before the census date, your new fee type will apply for this study period. If residency is granted after your most recent census date, your fee type will only be effective from your next census date.