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Responding to an Offer

How do I accept, defer or decline an offer to study at the University of Melbourne?

Your Offer Letter or email from the University will contain directions on how to respond to your offer and enrol online. There are three ways you can respond to your offer.

  • Accept and enrol in your degree (course) via the University's Get Started at Melbourne website.
  • Defer your offer to start your course by following the instructions on the Defer my offer page. You may be able to defer your offer for up to 12 months.
  • Decline your course offer by following the instructions on the Decline my offer page. 

What deadlines apply?

The Offer Lapse Date, found in your offer letter, is the final date to accept your offer.

The Enrolment Lapse Date is the last date by which you must enrol in your course (degree) including subjects. This date is outlined in your offer letter.

Changing your mind

If you accepted your offer:

  • You may be able to defer your offer if the census date for your first semester’s subjects has not yet passed, to take a break of up to 12 months while maintaining your place at the University.
  • If you have decided to leave the University, you will need to withdraw from your course.

Please note: If you withdraw your acceptance and later wish to resume that course, you will need to reapply for admission and selection is not guaranteed.

If you declined your offer and wish to now accept it, please contact Stop 1 immediately as your place may no longer be available. 

If you deferred your offer but now wish to commence your studies during the current/upcoming semester, please contact Stop 1 immediately to find out whether this is possible.

If you wish to receive further advice on responding your offer, contact Stop 1 for assistance.