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Changing your name and details

How do I notify the University of a change to my name or personal details?

How to update your preferred (unofficial) details

You can submit a Change to Personal Details form at any time without supporting documentation to update the following details on your student record:

  • Format (eg change to upper or lower case) of name
  • Preferred name
  • Gender

Please note that updating these details does not change the name or details that are contained in official documents such as your academic transcript.

Your preferred name will be updated in student systems (eg my.unimelb, MyTimetable). However your legal name registered with the University may appear in some official correspondence.  

To change your official or legal details as they appear in such documents, please follow the procedure outlined below.

For more information on gender identification for trans and gender diverse students, see our FAQ page.

How to update your official (legal) name and personal details

I want to update a mistake in the University's records of my details

You can do through the University's Change to Personal Details form.

Updating mistakes in the University's records, such as the spelling of your name or your date of birth, requires a photo of at least one of the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of your passport with your correct name, or
  • A copy of your birth certificate and copy of photo identification 

I want to change my official name or details

You are required to notify the University if you make any legal changes to your name by submitting a Change to Personal Details form. This will ensure that all your academic record, student card and transcripts are updated with your name as it appears on your official documents.

The University cannot make changes to your official name without photographic evidence that you have legally changed it from that held on our records. This means official documents such as your transcript cannot be generated with your new name until this is provided.

You will need to provide:

  • A copy of your passport or another form of photo identification with your original name
  • A copy of your marriage certificate (including both front and back pages) or another formal record of name change (such as a Legal Deed)
  • A copy of your photo identification with your new name (such as a passport)

What is a legal name change and how do I do it?

The evidence of legal name change that the University requires is a re-issued birth certificate (for Victorian-born students) or a 'Change of Name' certificate (for students born overseas). These are issued by Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDMV), upon application.

Note: Once you have changed your name with BDMV, it is your responsibility to ensure your official documents, such as your Passport or drivers licence, are up to date. FEE-HELP and Centrelink students, see below.

How to change your legal name

For students that are:

  • Over 18 years of age; and
  • Born in Victoria; or
  • Born overseas and living in Victoria for at least the past 12 months

You can change your name by following the procedure outlined by BDMV.

You will need to provide to BDMV, generally:

  1. Your current details
  2. Your chosen name
  3. Proof of your identity
  4. Proof of residency (if born overseas)

You can make an application to BDMV to change your name.

If you were born in Victoria, you will be issued with a new birth certificate showing both your previous and new name. Students born overseas will be issued a 'Change of Name' certificate.

If you're under 18 years of age your parents must apply to BDMV for a name change on your behalf.

After your name or details are updated

Getting a new student card

Once you have changed your name in the University's records you are entitled to receive a new student card.

You can also submit requests for new official documents such as:

Important information for HELP loan and Centrelink students

HELP loan students

If you are accessing a HELP loan, you must ensure your personal details at the University match those held at the Australian Tax Office (ATO). To be eligible for a loan under the Higher Education Support Act 2003, you must provide a valid Tax File Number (TFN). For a TFN to be valid, it must be able to be confirmed with the ATO as belonging to you. The University can only confirm this if your details match with the ATO. If the University cannot verify your TFN by the census date, you have not met the TFN requirements and will not be eligible for a HELP loan. You can manage your personal details using ATO online services, or by contacting the ATO individual enquiries line on 13 28 61.

Centrelink students

In accordance with the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999, the University is required to report information to Centrelink about student enrolment load for Centrelink customers. This information is reported on a weekly basis throughout Semester 1 and Semester 2. To ensure that the University is able to accurately report data, and to avoid you needing to provide proof of enrolment to Centrelink, you should ensure that the personal details at the University match those held at Centrelink.