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Understanding Subject Codes

How can I determine the subject year level and study area from the subject codes in the University Handbook?

Each subject has a subject code that lists four letters followed by five numbers, e.g. 'MGMT90026'. The University Handbook lists information for all subjects offered by the University, including their subject codes. The subject code contains the subject's year level and study area.

  • The four letters of a subject code indicate the area of study of the subject. For example, all subject codes that commence with 'PSYC' refer to psychology subjects, whilst all subjects that commence with 'MUSI' are music subjects.
  • The first number in the subject code refers to the year level of the subject. Numbers 1 through 3 refer to undergraduate subject year levels, 4 refers to Honours subject level, whilst 5 through to 9 refer to graduate study. For example, ANCW20010 is a second-year undergraduate subject, whilst FNCE90005 is a graduate subject.

See the Credit Points FAQ for more information on subjects and credit points, or visit the How to plan your course page for information on how subject codes are used when structuring your course.