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Fee Account Statement

What is the Fee Account Statement and how do I obtain it?

The Fee Account Statement displays your fee charges and payments for a selected year from 2011. You can use your Fee Account Statement to check that the University has received your payment. Scholarships and sponsorships are also recorded against each fee charge. You can order your Fee Account Statement online via the Fee Account Statement page in my.unimelb. The Fee Account Statement is not available for years prior to 2011.

Please note: Your Fee Account Statement cannot be used to pay fees.

If you are a past student who no longer has access to my.unimelb or you are a student who has exceeded your FEE-HELP limit you will not be able to access the Fee Account Statement online. You can request a Fee Account Statment by emailing Fees. If you are a past student, you will need to include proof of identity such as a passport or driver’s licence when submitting your application.

Sponsored Students

If your fees are sponsored and billed to an external organisation, the amount to be billed to your sponsor is displayed as a sponsored amount against the tuition fee charge on your account. This does not always mean that your tuition fees have been paid. If your sponsor fails to pay, you will be notified of the outstanding charges and will be liable to pay any outstanding amount.