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  1. Applying for an Extension

    How do I apply for an assignment extension?

  2. Result Release

    When will my final subject results be available?

  3. Weighted Average Mark (WAM)
  4. WAM Calculation
  5. Textbooks

    How can I find what the compulsory or recommended texts are for a subject?

  6. Seeking a review of a Result

    Can I seek a review of the result I was awarded?

  7. Hurdle Requirements

    What is a Hurdle Requirement?

  8. Finding your Booklist

    Where can I find my Personal Booklist?

  9. Purchasing Textbooks (Location)

    Where can I buy my textbooks?

  10. Final subject assessment

    I have failed a subject in my final two half-year periods of enrolment in my course. Will I be awarded additional assessment?

  11. Assignment cover sheets

    Where can I find cover sheets for handing in hard copies of my assignments?

  12. Finding Contact Details

    How can I find Staff and Student contact details?

  13. Failing subjects and your academic progress

    I haven't passed all of my subjects. What should I do?

  14. Documentation to support Special Consideration applications

    What supporting documents do I need for my Special Consideration application?

  15. Course Academic Progress Committee meetings (CAPC)

    What happens if I receive an email notification about a CAPC meeting?

  16. Past Exam Papers
  17. Exam Reviews

    Can I see my examination paper or examination report after my results are released?

  18. Missing Results

    Some of my results are missing. What should I do?

  19. Obtaining EndNote

    Where can I get a copy of EndNote to use at home or on my laptop computer?

  20. Repeating a subject

    If I am repeating a subject, do I have to meet all the requirements again?

  21. Failing a subject
  22. Exam dates and personal timetable
  23. OS-HELP Loans

    How can I apply for OS-HELP?

  24. Results review

    How do I request a review of my results?

  25. Failing more than once

    What happens if I fail a subject more than once?

  26. Calculators in Examinations
  27. Special Consideration applications
  28. Discussing your results

    Can I talk to someone about my performance in a particular subject?

  29. Special and supplementary exams
  30. Unsatisfactory Progress
  31. PhD Thesis Word Limit

    What is the word limit for a PhD thesis?

  32. Results Codes

    What are the grading schemes for results?

  33. Student At Risk
  34. Cannot take or missed exam

    What should I do if I cannot take, am late for, or have missed my exam?

  35. Short-term overseas study programs

    I've been approved for a short-term overseas study program. What happens next?

  36. Overseas study options

    How do I study overseas as part of my course (including exchange)?

  37. Overseas Student Health Cover Contact

    Who do I contact for help with my Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy?

  38. Subject Readers

    Where do I get my reading packs and/or subject readers?

  39. Academic Skills Services
  40. Overseas study approval

    How do I get approval to go on an overseas study program?

  41. Seeking medical assistance for international students

    I'm an international student. What do I need to do if I am unwell and unable to complete my exam/assessment?

  42. Research Style Guides

    Where do I get research style guides and advice on presentation, referencing and citation?

  43. Referencing and Bibliographies
  44. Library Study Rooms
  45. Exam Rules

    What rules apply to examinations at the University?

  46. Overseas study advice

    Who should I talk to about studying overseas as part of my course?

  47. EndNote: Downloading References

    How do I download references from library databases and catalogues into my EndNote Library?

  48. Lost Student Card & Exams
  49. Spaces for Research Students

    Which offices or desks are available to Research Students?

  50. Short-term overseas study program applications

    What is a short-term overseas study program and how do I apply?

  51. Special Consideration outcome reviews
  52. Faculty and graduate school resources
  53. Troubleshooting overseas study applications

    What should I do if I have an issue when applying to study overseas?

  54. Exchange information sessions

    What information sessions are available for exchange as part of my course?

  55. Link to Current Result Codes (Grading Scheme)
  56. Study Overseas
  57. Master of Teaching VIT Registration

    Master of Teaching VIT Registration

  58. Learning EndNote

    Where can I learn how to use EndNote?

  59. Study Skills Workshops/Seminars
  60. Special and supplementary exam timetable
  61. Funding overseas study

    What are my funding options for overseas study?

  62. EndNote: Thesis Bibliographies

    How do I get one bibliography at the end of the thesis if each of my chapters is a separate document?

  63. Study spaces and library extended hours
  64. Advanced EndNote Help

    Where can I get advanced EndNote help?

  65. Exam Clash
  66. Permitted Exam Materials
  67. Undergraduate Arts subjects taught overseas

    Which undergraduate subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts involve overseas travel?

  68. Exam Timetable Changes
  69. Travel to high risk countries for study

    Can I get travel approval to a country for which DFAT has issued an alert level of 'do not travel' or 'reconsider your need to travel'?

  70. Subject Experience Survey (SES)
  71. Exam Memory Tips
  72. How can I renew library books?
  73. First Year at Melbourne appointments
  74. Renewing Visas

    How do I renew my visa?

  75. A-Z of University terms
  76. Exchange/Study Abroad/Learning Agreements

    I am an Exchange/Study Abroad student and I need a document signed to confirm to my home institution I am here and/or what I am studying, where can I get that done?

  77. Study skills
  78. Library Fines
  79. Exam times on Melbourne Cup Day
  80. University glossary
  81. Exam Preparation Tips
  82. Exam Start and Arrival Times
  83. Editing EndNote citations and bibliography in Word

    How do I edit EndNote citations and bibliography layout in my Word document?

  84. Exam dates and personal timetable
  85. Library Photocopying
  86. Appropriate behaviour on social media
  87. Exam Stress Strategies
  88. University library branches by discipline