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Hurdle Requirements

What is a Hurdle Requirement?

A Hurdle Requirement is a condition that must be met in order for students to be able to pass the subject.

Some, but not all, subjects have a hurdle requirement. If a subject does have a hurdle requirement, it will be listed on the Subject page of the Handbook. Usually, a hurdle requirement will require that a student attend a certain percentage of classes, achieve a pass mark in an end-of-Semester examination, or complete all assessments for a subject.

Please note that meeting the Hurdle Requirement for a subject does not guarantee a pass mark, but simply means that a student is eligible to pass if they perform sufficiently well in their assessment.

If a student obtains enough marks to pass their subject, but does not meet the Hurdle Requirement, they will be given a mark of 49 and a grade of NH. If they have do not have enough marks to pass the subject and have also not met the Hurdle Requirement, they will be given their mark and a grade of N. In both cases, the student is considered to have failed the subject.

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