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Referencing and Bibliographies

How should I reference my sources in assignments?

There are a number of accepting referencing conventions in academia. When determining how to reference your sources in an assignment, there are several sources of information that you can consider.

Your Subject Guide

Your subject guide should almost always contain information on referencing (particularly for subjects which have a large essay-writing component). The subject guide should always be available on the Subject Information screen of the LMS site for the subject, or in the reader if your subject has one.

Your Teaching Staff

The teaching staff within your subject should be able to help you determine which referencing style your essay/project markers would prefer you to use.

The University Library Citation Guides

The Library has a large website to aid students in citing their sources in their academic work. The site covers many referencing styles such as APA, Harvard and Chicago, and also contains links to EndNote help and plagiarism policies.

Visit the University Library Citation site