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Exchange/Study Abroad/Learning Agreements

I am an Exchange/Study Abroad student and I need a document signed to confirm to my home institution I am here and/or what I am studying, where can I get that done?

Please note, the following information is for international students enrolled in the exchange or study abroad course at the University of Melbourne.  

Often called a "Learning Agreement" but also known as a "Certificate of Enrolment", "Proof of Stay", "Confirmation of Enrolment" or something similar, this is usually required to be signed by the host institution, in this case the University of Melbourne, to confirm that the student has arrived and in what he or she is enrolled.

Confirmation of Arrival

If you have one of these forms that you need signed to confirm that you have arrived, after attending the Welcome Day, you can take the form to the reception desk at Level 1 in the Stop 1 building.  Make sure you have your student card with you.  Complete as much of the form as possible and it will be signed for you there.

Confirmation of Enrolment

If you need to confirm your enrolment, you can only do this after you have decided on your final subjects and enrolled in them.  This is usually best done in or after the second week, the official add/drop subject enrolment period.  Again fill in as much of your form as you can.  Go to the reception desk at Level 1 in the Stop 1 building, and make sure you have your student card with you.  Once the Stop 1 team is satisfied that your form and your enrolment record match, they will sign off on your form.