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  1. Accessing student email

    How can I access my student email account?

  2. Forwarding Student Email

    Can I forward email from my Student University account to my personal account?

  3. How to get a University VPN as a student

    How can I access the University's network off campus?

  4. Access to student email account after graduation

    I am completing my studies this year. Can I keep access to my University email account and other University resources?

  5. Scholarships - Bank Details

    How do I update my bank account and address details to receive scholarship payments?

  6. Password and Username

    How do I reset my password or confirm my username for my.unimelb and my University email?

  7. University Student Email

    Why do I need a University student email account?

  8. myUniApps

    What is myUniApps?

  9. Building Access

    How can I gain access to buildings/facilities?

  10. Troubleshooting my.unimelb

    What should I do if I have a technical issue with my.unimelb?

    The following suggestions may help to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing with my.unimelb.

    Use a Compatible Browser

    my.unimelb …

  11. Microsoft Office 365
  12. my.unimelb Login

    How do I log in to my.unimelb?

  13. Email aliases

    Why do I have two email addresses?

  14. my.unimelb Alumni Access

    Can I log in to my.unimelb if I'm no longer a current student?

  15. Setting Up Email

    How do I setup my email account?

  16. Downloading Google Account Data

    How do I download data from my University Google account?

  17. Scholarships - Payment Dates

    When can I expect my scholarship payment(s)?

  18. LMS Login Issues

    Why can’t I log in to the LMS with my University account and password?

  19. Account Activation Difficulties

    What should I do if I am having difficulties with the Account Management page?

  20. Student email on mobile/portable devices

    How do I set up my student email on my mobile phone, tablet, or laptop?

  21. Lockers

    Where can I find student lockers?

  22. University software and apps for mobile devices
  23. Scholarships - Income Tax

    Is my scholarship taxable?

  24. Add Email Alias

    How do I add an email alias to my student Gmail account?

  25. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

  26. LMS - Subject Display Issues

    Why is my LMS subject listing wrong?

  27. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship Policy
  28. Scholarships - Troubleshooting
  29. Public Transport Concessions
  30. Graduate research scholarship benefits
  31. What is the LMS?

    What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

  32. Scholarship Leave of Absence

    I am receiving a scholarship. What will happen if I am granted leave of absence from my course?

  33. Accessing the LMS

    How do I log in to the LMS?

  34. Scholarships - Part Time Study

    Can I receive scholarship payments while enrolled as a part-time student?

  35. Public transport
  36. University student loans overview
  37. Public Transport Victoria iUSEpass refunds

    How can I get a refund for an iUSEpass?

  38. Computer facilities

    Where can I access computer facilities?

  39. Evidence of Scholarship Statements
  40. Rules for Student Email

    What are the rules regarding usage of Student Email?

  41. Microwave Facilities

    Where are the microwave ovens?

  42. Parking on campus
  43. After-Hours Computing Access

    Which computing facilities are available on-campus to students after business hours?

  44. Scholarships
  45. Getting LMS Help

    Where can I find help for the LMS?

  46. Wireless network
  47. Visa Support
  48. Scholarships - Financial Statements
  49. Scholarships - Centrelink

    Is my scholarship considered exempt income for Centrelink purposes?

  50. Individual Counselling

    What Individual Counselling is available?

  51. Accessing Lecture Capture

    How do I access Lecture Capture?

  52. Issues with content in the LMS

    Why can’t I see content that is meant to be available in my LMS subject?

  53. Finding LMS Communities

    I am a member of a community in the LMS. How do I find it?

  54. University Accommodation

    I'm interested in University Accommodation. What's next?

  55. Scholarships - Grades
  56. Scholarships - Bank Accounts
  57. Scholarship Payments in Advance
  58. Sexual assault

    Where can I get help with sexual assault issues?

  59. Scholarships - Concurrent scholarships or awards
  60. Financial Assistance
  61. IT application assistance

    Where can I get assistance with installing and/or using computer applications/programs?

  62. University Health Service
  63. Scholarships - Centrelink reference number
  64. Research Computing Support

    Where can I get Research Computing Support?

  65. Booking a Massage

    How do I get a Massage?

  66. Book a free health check
  67. Children's Services
  68. New Student Checklist
  69. Safer Community Program
  70. Alternative Exam Arrangements
  71. Take me to the page for Childcare Services
  72. Graduate Research Scholarships
  73. Are there programs that I can use to manage my references?

    Are there programs that I can use to manage my references?

  74. my.unimelb Feedback

    How do I provide feedback or an idea for my.unimelb?

  75. Applying for a scholarship extension
  76. Melbourne University Sport scholarship support

    What support is provided through a Melbourne University Sport scholarship?

  77. Security Escort Service- Who can I call to escort me around campus at night if I feel unsafe?
  78. Scholarships - Enrolment Variations
  79. Scholarship Reimbursement of Expenses
  80. Before your first assessment
  81. Using Printing Facilities
  82. International Student Family Support

    Where can I get support for international students with families?

  83. Parent/Breast Feeding Rooms
  84. EyeCare Service
  85. Find out how to connect to UniWireless
  86. Creating a strong password

    How do I create a strong password?

  87. Accessible formatting

    How can my subject materials be made accessible?

  88. Insurance for Students
  89. Report a maintenance, cleaning, or IT equipment issue on campus