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Troubleshooting my.unimelb

What should I do if I have a technical issue with my.unimelb?

The following suggestions may help to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing with my.unimelb.

Use a Compatible Browser

my.unimelb will display on all modern web browsers. Ensure your browser is up-to-date. If you receive an error message regarding compatibility, please contact Student IT.

If you are experiencing difficulties with my.unimelb, try the following options. Try each step and move onto the next if it doesn't solve the problem:

  1. Refresh the webpage: Ctrl-F5 [Win] or Cmd-Shift-R [Mac]
  2. Log out of the page from the profile icon (top right), then log back in at my.unimelb.edu.au
  3. Try in another web browser, or open a new incognito window in your web browser
  4. Clear the cookies and cache in your web browser

Reset your UoM Password

If my.unimelb does not recognise your credentials (username and password), please try resetting your password. To do this:

  1. Go to sso.unimelb.edu.au and click on ‘Forgot Password?’
  2. Type your username and click Next.
  3. You can now use a Multi-factor Authentication tool (such as Okta Verify or Google Authenticator) to reset your password.

Contact Student IT if you encounter any issues.

Correct your Personal Details

You can update your contact details via my.unimelb by following these instructions:
How to Update your Contact Details
If you need to update your personal information such as your name or citizenship, please refer to the following links:
How to Notify the University of a Name Change
How to Notify the University of a Change in Citizenship or Permanent Residency
Request to Change Student Email Alias

Check for important announcements

When you log in, important announcements pop-up on the home page of my.unimelb. These may advise of significant dates or any system outages, amongst other things. You can view any closed recent messages by going to the Announcements page.


If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Student IT for further assistance.