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Rules for Student Email

What are the rules regarding usage of Student Email?

Regular Usage

As part of the Terms and Conditions of enrolment, students agree to check their email at least twice per week, including during University breaks or Leave periods. The University will use student email accounts to send important correspondence such as offers of graduation.


Students are only permitted to send emails to students enrolled in the same course and/or subjects as themselves, and they must use their official university email address (not their Gmail or Yahoo address, for example).

Whilst subject- and course-wide emailing lists do exist, students are not allowed to use these lists to send spam. The use of email lists to advertise or search for books for sale is considered to be spamming and does lead to penalties.

These rules exist to protect students from receiving spam.

Contacting the University via Email

The University of Melbourne is only able to access and divulge details from student records if it is able to verify that an enquiry is being made from the student in question. Students should therefore ensure that any emails sent to Stop 1 or University staff are sent from their University email account.

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