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Email aliases

Why do I have different email addresses?

Students who have set up their email automatically have a Google Apps account. On the Google Apps system, students have a primary address and an email alias that others can use to send them email. An email alias works as a forwarding email address, so email sent to either address will appear in the same inbox.

Students' primary address and email alias usually adhere to the following format:

  • (central username)@student.unimelb.edu.au, and
  • (first initial).(last name)@student.unimelb.edu.au, provided that no such alias already exists within the University


To check your student email alias, visit your Personal Details page in my.unimelb. Your email alias will be listed here as your preferred email address.

Can I send emails from my email alias?

Yes. You will have to add your email alias to your student Gmail account to do this - see Add Email Alias. However, note that you will still have to use your primary address to sign in.

Can I change my email alias?

Students are unable to change their email alias except in the case that their official name has changed, such as in the case of a change of marital status. To request your email alias be updated to reflect an official name change, submit a Change to Personal Details form. However, it is important to keep in mind that changing your email alias risks wiping your google account data.