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  1. Accessing student email

    How can I access my student email account?

  2. Forwarding Student Email

    Can I forward email from my Student University account to my personal account?

  3. Student storage options

    What file storage options are available to students? 


  4. my.unimelb Login

    How do I log in to my.unimelb?

  5. Downloading and Exporting Google Account Data

    How do I download or export data from my University Google account?

  6. How to get a University VPN as a student

    How can I access the University's network off campus?

  7. University Student Email

    Why do I need a University student email account?

  8. Troubleshooting my.unimelb

    What should I do if I have a technical issue with my.unimelb?

    The following suggestions may help to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing with my.unimelb.

    Use a Compatible Browser

    my.unimelb …

  9. Password and Username

    How do I reset my password or confirm my username for my.unimelb and my University email?

  10. Email aliases

    Why do I have two email addresses?

  11. my.unimelb Alumni Access

    Can I log in to my.unimelb if I'm no longer a current student?

  12. Account Activation Difficulties

    What should I do if I am having difficulties with the Account Management page?

  13. Student email on mobile/portable devices

    How do I set up my student email on my mobile phone, tablet, or laptop?

  14. myUniApps

    What is myUniApps?

  15. Setting Up Email

    How do I setup my email account?

  16. Microsoft Office 365
  17. Add Email Alias

    How do I add an email alias to my student Gmail account?

  18. Computer facilities

    Where can I access computer facilities?

  19. Accessing the LMS

    How do I log in to the LMS?

  20. What is the LMS?

    What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

  21. University software and apps for mobile devices
  22. Rules for Student Email

    What are the rules regarding usage of Student Email?

  23. After-Hours Computing Access

    Which computing facilities are available on-campus to students after business hours?

  24. IT application assistance

    Where can I get assistance with installing and/or using computer applications/programs?

  25. Wireless network
  26. Accessing Lecture Capture

    How do I access Lecture Capture?

  27. Getting LMS Help

    Where can I find help for the LMS?

  28. Research Computing Support

    Where can I get Research Computing Support?

  29. Issues with content in the LMS

    Why can’t I see my subjects and communities in the LMS?

  30. my.unimelb Feedback

    How do I provide feedback or an idea for my.unimelb?

  31. Using Printing Facilities
  32. Find out how to connect to UniWireless
  33. Downloading and exporting data from student cloud storage (OneDrive)

    How do I download or export data from my University OneDrive or a SharePoint library?