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  1. Accessing student email

    How can I access my student email account?

  2. Forwarding Student Email

    Can I forward email from my Student University account to my personal account?

  3. Access to student email account after graduation

    I am completing my studies this year. Can I keep access to my University email account and other University resources?

  4. How to get a University VPN as a student

    How can I access the University's network off campus?

  5. Password and Username

    How do I reset my password or confirm my username for my.unimelb and my University email?

  6. University Student Email

    Why do I need a University student email account?

  7. Downloading Google Account Data

    How do I download data from my University Google account?

  8. my.unimelb Login

    How do I log in to my.unimelb?

  9. Troubleshooting my.unimelb

    What should I do if I have a technical issue with my.unimelb?

    The following suggestions may help to resolve the difficulties you are experiencing with my.unimelb.

    Use a Compatible Browser

    my.unimelb …

  10. Email aliases

    Why do I have two email addresses?

  11. myUniApps

    What is myUniApps?

  12. my.unimelb Alumni Access

    Can I log in to my.unimelb if I'm no longer a current student?

  13. Account Activation Difficulties

    What should I do if I am having difficulties with the Account Management page?

  14. Microsoft Office 365
  15. Student email on mobile/portable devices

    How do I set up my student email on my mobile phone, tablet, or laptop?

  16. Setting Up Email

    How do I setup my email account?

  17. LMS Login Issues

    Why can’t I log in to the LMS with my University account and password?

  18. Add Email Alias

    How do I add an email alias to my student Gmail account?

  19. LMS - Subject Display Issues

    Why is my LMS subject listing wrong?

  20. Accessing the LMS

    How do I log in to the LMS?

  21. University software and apps for mobile devices
  22. What is the LMS?

    What is the Learning Management System (LMS)?

  23. Computer facilities

    Where can I access computer facilities?

  24. Rules for Student Email

    What are the rules regarding usage of Student Email?

  25. Wireless network
  26. After-Hours Computing Access

    Which computing facilities are available on-campus to students after business hours?

  27. Getting LMS Help

    Where can I find help for the LMS?

  28. Issues with content in the LMS

    Why can’t I see content that is meant to be available in my LMS subject?

  29. Finding LMS Communities

    I am a member of a community in the LMS. How do I find it?

  30. IT application assistance

    Where can I get assistance with installing and/or using computer applications/programs?

  31. Accessing Lecture Capture

    How do I access Lecture Capture?

  32. Research Computing Support

    Where can I get Research Computing Support?

  33. my.unimelb Feedback

    How do I provide feedback or an idea for my.unimelb?

  34. Using Printing Facilities
  35. Find out how to connect to UniWireless