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  1. Changing your name and details

    How do I notify the University of a change to my name or personal details?

  2. Updating Contact Details

    How do I update my contact details?

  3. Statement of Enrolment

    Can I get a record of my enrolment details?

  4. Sanctions

    What is a sanction?

  5. Student card troubleshooting FAQ

    I'm having issues getting my student card. What can I do?

  6. Student Number

    Where can I find my Student ID Number?

  7. 100 points of Identification

    What counts as 100 points of ID?

  8. Gender identification for trans and gender diverse students

    How do I change my gender identifier or name in my.unimelb?

  9. Student Card Rules and Use
  10. How to get your student card
  11. ISIC Applications

    Where do I go to get my International Student Identity Card (ISIC) application form authorised?

  12. Last date to withdraw without fail
  13. Enrolling into subjects
  14. Class Timetable
  15. Check your subject census dates
  16. Build your Orientation itinerary
  17. Replacement student card