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Student card troubleshooting FAQ

I'm having issues getting my student card. What can I do?

If you need to get a new student card or replacement card, visit the Student Card page

Student card photos and CaptureME

I can't access CaptureME, what do I do?

If you are still unable to access CaptureME, please contact Stop 1.

I can't upload my photo in CaptureME, what do I do?

  • Try reducing the image size before you attempt to re-upload your photo.
  • Try uploading the image from a file rather than directly from a phone or device

The photo I submitted has been rejected, what do I do?

If your photo doesn't meet the requirements, you will receive an email confirming your photo hasn't been approved and be prompted to submit another photo.

You must meet the following requirements to have your photo approved:

  • Plain white background
  • Eyes should be clearly visible
  • Must look straight into the camera
  • Colour photo only
  • No hat, no sunglasses
  • No head covering, except on religious grounds
  • No digital enhancements or editing of the photo.

To see examples of approved photos visit the student card webpage.

I haven’t received my confirmation email. What do I do?

Please check your spam or junk folders for confirmation emails from CaptureME, as we are currently experiencing issues with emails not being received in the main inbox. If you are still unable to locate this email 5 business days after submission, please contact Stop 1.

Identification and getting your student card

My card hasn't arrived by mail yet, what do I do?

Students who successfully verify their identity online will have their student card sent to them by post. Delivery of your card may take around four to five weeks. If you haven't received your card after this timeframe:

  1. Check my.unimelb to view your 'preferred address'. This is where your student card will be sent.
  2. Check your email for updates about your student card.
  3. If your student card has not arrived after 5 weeks to your preferred address, please contact Stop 1.

I can't verify my identity in CaptureME

You can upload a certified copy of your passport (or Australian Drivers License for domestic students) in CaptureME.