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  1. OS-HELP Loans

    How can I apply for OS-HELP?

  2. Overseas study options

    How do I study overseas as part of my course (including exchange)?

  3. Short-term overseas study programs

    I've been approved for a short-term overseas study program. What happens next?

  4. Overseas study advice

    Who should I talk to about studying overseas as part of my course?

  5. Overseas study approval

    How do I get approval to go on an overseas study program?

  6. Troubleshooting overseas study applications

    What should I do if I have an issue when applying to study overseas?

  7. Exchange information sessions

    What information sessions are available for exchange as part of my course?

  8. Short-term overseas study program applications

    What is a short-term overseas study program and how do I apply?

  9. Study Overseas
  10. Funding overseas study

    What are my funding options for overseas study?

  11. Undergraduate Arts subjects taught overseas

    Which undergraduate subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts involve overseas travel?

  12. Exchange/Study Abroad/Learning Agreements

    I am an Exchange/Study Abroad student and I need a document signed to confirm to my home institution I am here and/or what I am studying, where can I get that done?