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  1. Building Access

    How can I gain access to buildings/facilities?

  2. Lockers

    Where can I find student lockers?

  3. Public Transport Concessions
  4. Public Transport (Parkville)

    What Public transport is available to and from campus?

  5. Public Transport Victoria iUSEpass refunds

    How can I get a refund for an iUSEpass?

  6. Parking

    Where can I park my bicycle, motorcycle or car at the University of Melbourne?

  7. Microwave Facilities

    Where are the microwave ovens?

  8. Postal Services

    Where can I find a Post Office near campus to send or receive mail?

  9. Finding lecture theatres

    Where can I find my lecture theatre?

  10. Union House Location

    Where is Union House?

  11. Research Common Rooms

    What tea/coffee/common room facilities are available for Research Students?

  12. Security Escort Service- Who can I call to escort me around campus at night if I feel unsafe?
  13. Report a maintenance, cleaning, or IT equipment issue on campus