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Public Transport Victoria ISTP/iUSEpass refunds

How can I get a refund for an ISTP/iUSEpass?

You can request a refund for your ISTP/iUSEpass by completing the steps below. Please note that it may take up to four weeks to process this request, as the University will need to liaise with Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on your behalf.

Considerations before applying for a refund

The refund amount is determined by the number of remaining balance days after the last day the card was used (touched on) to travel. PTV has advised that if there are fewer than 40 balance days remaining on the 365-day ISTP or iUSEpass, no refund will be issued for the pass. This is because when you purchase a 365-day pass, you only pay for 325 days with an additional 40 days provided for free. You can easily check the number of balance days and the amount of myki Money remaining on your pass by simply tapping the card on a card vending machine at any station or by calling the PTV Call Centre on 1800 800 007.

ISTP/iUSEpass holders are also eligible to apply for a reimbursement for any unused portion of their pass, provided they meet the relevant criteria. If you wish to apply for a reimbursement but still intend to use your ISTP/iUSEpass, please do not submit a refund request. Instead, apply for a reimbursement by either calling the PTV Call Centre on 1800 800 007 or by applying online at the PTV myki refund or reimburse page. Each reimbursement claim will be reviewed and assessed on its merits. If you would like to proceed with a refund application, please follow the procedures below.

How to apply for a refund

  1. Complete a Student Reimbursement Request form, including your bank account details for payment.
  2. Submit the filled and signed Student Reimbursement Request form, and a photo of the back of the myki card (where your photo and details are) that you purchased with your ISTP/iUSEpass, with this form.
  3. Upon receiving your request, the University will contact PTV to confirm the refund amount and organise to transfer the amount to the bank account supplied.
  4. Check your University email account for correspondence about your refund request.

ISTP/iUSEpass help

For more information on the ISTP/iUSEpass including troubleshooting tips, visit the Public Transport Victoria website.