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Fee Paying Instalments

As a fee paying student can I pay my fees in instalments or change my instalment option?

The University of Melbourne offers Full-Fee paying students enrolled in award courses the following payment instalment options:

Standard Instalment

A standard instalment is one payment made in advance of a study period for the entire cost in that study period. This is the only option available for Community Access, Study Abroad and Melbourne Business School and Graduate Online courses.

Dual Instalment

A dual instalment is where the subject cost for a study period is divided into 2 equal instalments with separate due dates (excluding Study Abroad, Community Access and Melbourne Business School and Graduate Online courses).

You will be able to select your instalment option when you first enrol. Unless you select an instalment option your tuition fees will be charged as a standard instalment (one payment for the study period in full). This is the default option.

If you wish to change your current instalment option please email sa-fees@unimelb.edu.au from your University email account. Only in special circumstances will you be able to change your instalment option during the year.

Your instalment option will remain on your course for the duration of your enrolment. If you change courses you will need to select a payment option for your new course when you enrol.

Please see Due Dates for Standard and Dual Instalment due dates.