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Unable to enrol in subjects or change Study Plan

How can I get help if I am unable to enrol in subjects or change my Study Plan via my.unimelb?

Undergraduate and Coursework students

If you are an undergraduate or graduate coursework student, first check the enrolling in subjects webpage for information about:

If you still need help to enrol into subjects, or adjust your Study Plan, you can request assistance via the Enrolment Assistance Form.

Complete the Enrolment Assistance Form

The Enrolment Assistance Form should only be used if you are enrolled in a coursework degree (undergraduate or graduate) and are unable to make changes to your Study Plan yourself, via my.unimelb.  

For example, you may need to submit an Enrolment Assistance Form if:

  • You have been granted a requisite waiver
  • Your Study Plan does not recognise your VCE, or equivalent, secondary school qualifications
  • You need to change your major, minor or specialisation
  • You require an amendment to the structure of your Study Plan
  • It is past the last date to self-enrol online, or
  • You wish to overload (enrol in more points than available for the study period) - note that  students requesting an overload need to meet the eligibility criteria as per the Enrolment Policy.

When completing the Enrolment Assistance Form, you will be prompted to supply supporting documentation for some changes to your Study Plan. If you intend to provide an email as your supporting documentation, please note the following:

  • All email correspondence must be to/from your University email address, and
  • Approval emails can be uploaded in any format, but the entire email conversation must be included - both your request and the reply from the relevant coordinator must be visible.

Note: If your enquiry relates to your class timetable (for subjects that you are already enrolled in), please seek assistance via the Timetabling Assistance form, instead of the Enrolment Assistance Form. 

Law Masters

If you are a Law Masters student having issues enrolling in subjects, please contact the Melbourne Law School’s Academic Support Office for assistance, and do not submit an Enrolment Assistance Form.

Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE)

If you are undertaking a course through Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE), the MSPACE Student Support team will assist you.

Please do not submit and Enrolment Assistance Form. Instead, you must send your enquiry to:

Email: continuing-education@unimelb.edu.au

Graduate Researchers

If you are a graduate researcher you can request a variation to your course using the online Candidature Variation form.

Online graduate students

First check students.unimelb which has information that covers how to:

If you are an online student and still need help to enrol in subjects or adjust your Study Plan after checking the help guides, you can request assistance by emailing study-online@unimelb.edu.au

Note: Online students do not register for classes, all class information will be available via the graduate online Learning Management System from pre-teaching week.