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Applying for FEE-HELP

How do I apply for FEE-HELP?


To be eligible for FEE-HELP, you must be either an Australian citizen or a permanent 'humanitarian' visa holder undertaking an award course in an Australian Fee Paying place and have sufficient FEE-HELP balance (refer to How much can I borrow?)

A permanent visa holder is only eligible for FEE-HELP if undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals.

How to Apply

To apply for FEE-HELP you must submit an electronic 'Request for FEE-HELP assistance' form via my.unimelb. It is essential that you do this on or prior to a subject's Census Date. You cannot apply for FEE-HELP assistance for any subjects where the census date has passed - in this case the tuition fee(s) will need to be paid upfront.

To apply for FEE-HELP, visit the Commonwealth Assistance Forms page in my.unimelb.

You will need to enter your tax file number to apply for FEE-HELP.

Please note: It may take up to 3 working days for your request to be approved.

Once your 'Request for FEE-HELP assistance' form has been successfully submitted and approved, your tuition fee charges as indicated on your Statement of Liability will be updated to 'optional'. FEE-HELP assistance will apply for all subjects that you undertake under that course only from the date of submission. If you transfer from one Australian Fee Paying course to another OR enrol into a different course, you will need to re-apply for FEE-HELP assistance per course.