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Commonwealth Supported Places

What is a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) for Australian undergraduate students?

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) in undergraduate and select graduate programs at the University of Melbourne are available to Australian and New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents and holders of permanent Humanitarian Visas.

A Commonwealth supported place is an enrolment at the University of Melbourne which is subsidised by the Commonwealth Government.  A student enrolled in a CSP contributes to the tuition fee of their course by paying the relevant Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) amount up-front or in a deferred arrangement through  HECS-HELP.

CSPs are allocated by the University based on academic merit.

Student contribution amounts must be paid by the census date for each subject in which you enrol. However, Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders are eligible to defer payment through HECS-HELP.  The amount you are charged is the sum of the student contribution amounts (for all subjects in which you enrol). Subjects have been grouped into discipline bands and the price of each subject depends on its discipline band and the proportion it represents of a normal full-time study load.

All students enrolling into a CSP are required to submit a 'Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP' form during online enrolment, regardless of their eligibility to defer payments via HECS-HELP.

For more information about Commonwealth supported places, including the discipline bands, calculating fees and information about HECS-HELP, please visit the following fees page on the Study website, or the Commonwealth Government's Study Assist website.