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  1. Textbooks

    How can I find what the compulsory or recommended texts are for a subject?

  2. Past Exam Papers
  3. Purchasing Textbooks (Location)

    Where can I buy my textbooks?

  4. Finding your Booklist

    Where can I find my Personal Booklist?

  5. Obtaining EndNote

    Where can I get a copy of EndNote to use at home or on my laptop computer?

  6. Subject Readers

    Where do I get my reading packs and/or subject readers?

  7. Learning EndNote

    Where can I learn how to use EndNote?

  8. EndNote: Downloading References

    How do I download references from library databases and catalogues into my EndNote Library?

  9. Advanced EndNote Help

    Where can I get advanced EndNote help?

  10. Spaces for Research Students

    Which offices or desks are available to Research Students?

  11. Library Study Rooms
  12. EndNote: Thesis Bibliographies

    How do I get one bibliography at the end of the thesis if each of my chapters is a separate document?

  13. Study spaces and library extended hours
  14. How can I renew library books?
  15. Library Fines
  16. Editing EndNote citations and bibliography in Word

    How do I edit EndNote citations and bibliography layout in my Word document?

  17. University glossary
  18. University library branches by discipline
  19. Library Photocopying