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  1. Textbooks

    How can I find what the compulsory or recommended texts are for a subject?

  2. Purchasing Textbooks (Location)

    Where can I buy my textbooks?

  3. Finding your Booklist

    Where can I find my Personal Booklist?

  4. Past Exam Papers
  5. Obtaining EndNote

    Where can I get a copy of EndNote to use at home or on my laptop computer?

  6. Subject Readers

    Where do I get my reading packs and/or subject readers?

  7. Learning EndNote

    Where can I learn how to use EndNote?

  8. EndNote: Downloading References

    How do I download references from library databases and catalogues into my EndNote Library?

  9. Advanced EndNote Help

    Where can I get advanced EndNote help?

  10. Library Study Rooms
  11. Spaces for Research Students

    Which offices or desks are available to Research Students?

  12. Study spaces and library extended hours
  13. EndNote: Thesis Bibliographies

    How do I get one bibliography at the end of the thesis if each of my chapters is a separate document?

  14. How can I renew library books?
  15. University library branches by discipline
  16. Library Fines
  17. Editing EndNote citations and bibliography in Word

    How do I edit EndNote citations and bibliography layout in my Word document?

  18. Library Photocopying
  19. University glossary