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Applying for a refund

How do I get a fee refund?

The University will only issue refunds where:

  • The money to be refunded has been received and entered into the University's accounts;
  • All other debts owing to the University (such as library fines or student loan fees) have been repaid; and
  • The course or subject withdrawal has been processed where applicable.

The University will issue refunds:

  • By Electronic Funds Transfer or telegraphic transfer;
  • If payment was made by credit card, refund will be paid back to that credit card where possible.
  • In Australian dollars except where the international bank procedure states otherwise; and
  • Within 10 - 15 working days of receipt of application for refund.
Please note: proof of identification is required if you can no longer access your University of Melbourne student email account. Non-current students must attach a certified copy of an identification document such as passport or Driver's Licence.

How to apply

Submit a Refund of Fee Application

Once you've submitted your fee refund form, you will receive an automated confirmation of your refund application form submission via email