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Calculating Tuition Fees

How are my tuition fees calculated?

Australian and International undergraduate students
All undergraduate students will pay tuition fees based on the particular subjects they've chosen. The amount charged is the sum of the fees for all subjects in which you're enrolled.

Subject fees are grouped into a number of bands based on citizenship, discipline type and study level.

Australian undergraduate and international undergraduate student fees are published on the web.

If you have already enrolled in your course and chosen your subjects, your fees will be available for viewing and printing via my.unimelb using the link 'View Fees Owing' which can be found on the 'Fees' page, under the 'Student admin' tab in my.unimelb. If you are navigating to your subject fees from an 'eStudent' screen, please select the 'Fees' tab from the top menu.

Australian and International graduate students
Australian and International students in graduate courses will pay course-based tuition fees (except for those enrolled in courses offered by the Office of Environmental Programs). Published fees are for a normal full-time course load. If you are studying more or less than the normal course load your fee will increase or decrease accordingly.

Graduate Course Fees

Australian and International graduate students who commenced their graduate course prior to 2010
Continuing students who commenced their current graduate course prior to 2010 and graduate students enrolled in graduate courses offered the Office of Environmental Programs will continue to pay subject-based tuition fees. The amount charged is the sum of all fees for subjects in which you enrol.

Subject Fee Calculator - Australian Fee Places

Subject Fee Calculator - International Fee Places 

Graduate research fees
While local students do not pay tuition fees for most research study, those in professional doctorates may be enrolled under a Research Training Scheme (RTS) or as a fee-paying student depending on the course and place available.

International students are enrolled in fee places for all programs and charged tuition fees on a daily pro-rata basis for the period of their enrolment. The cost will depend on the study load and the relevant course fees for all students commencing from 2010.

Further information on research fees