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Fee Date Extensions

Can I get an extension on the due date for my fees?

A short extension of time can be considered for students paying tuition fees. Students who are Commonwealth supported must pay any mandatory fees by the due date listed on their invoice, and this date cannot be extended. Eligible domestic fee-paying students may apply for FEE-HELP before their due date to defer their payment.

A $50 fee is payable by the student each time an extension of time to pay tuition fees is approved. No extension of time is possible for Commonwealth supported students or those on FEE-HELP as the deadlines are set by the Commonwealth.

To apply for a fee payment extension:

  • applications for fee extensions must be made prior to the fee due date
  • you must demonstrate (with supporting documentation) that financial hardship or exceptional unforeseen circumstances will prevent payment by the due date
  • you must nominate the date fees will be paid and detail the steps being taken to ensure payment by this date
  • if your extension application is approved, the $50 fee will be charged and payable on the revised due date

To apply for an extension please submit an online Fee Extension Application via the link below:

Submit a Fee Extension Application


For step by step instructions on how to submit your application please refer to the attached user guide.