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Troubleshooting overseas study applications

What should I do if I have an issue when applying to study overseas?

The following suggestions may help to resolve an issue you are experiencing when applying for an overseas study program.

myWorld First Step session

Issue Suggestion
I have forgotten the date that I attended the myWorld First Step session. Submit an online enquiry to request the date of your attendance.
I attended the myWorld First Step session some time ago. Attended less than two years ago: You are recommended to attend another session, however you can put the date that you previously attended.
Attended more than two years ago: Attend another myWorld First Step session.

Destination preferences

Issue Suggestion
I want to specify my preferred campus. In your application, you can list your preferred campus in the textbox underneath where you list your destination preference. If you are applying for University of California, please list at least three campus preferences.
I am concerned I may not get any of my three choices

If this is the case, you will be contacted to discuss alternative destinations.

Disability or chronic illness

Issue Suggestion
I'm concerned that disclosing my disability or chronic illness will affect my application. Disclosing that you have a disability or chronic illness will not affect your application. This information is only required to ensure that your host institution is able to provide you with the same services that you receive at the University of Melbourne.

Application essay

Issue Suggestion
How long should my answers be? Please try to limit your answers to 100 words for each question.
Will my host institution see my answers? No, your motivation answers are only assessed by the University of Melbourne when processing your overseas study application. You can choose to re-use your answers in your host institution application later on if needed.

Financial/budgeting plan

Issue Suggestion
My prepared budget might change, or may not be completely accurate. You do not need to provide a copy of your prepared budget in your exchange application. You should use your budget, and the other resources provided to assist you in preparing for the cost of your overseas study and to understand the expenses you will have in the lead up to and while you are overseas. 
I am unsure if I have to provide a bank statement You do not need to give a bank statement. You may need to provide this at a later date for host university applications/visa applications.

My Study Plan and credit I hope to receive from my studies

Issue Suggestion
I am not sure where to start with organizing my study plan and credit. You will need to get credit in your Melbourne degree for the study you take overseas. Use the Overseas Exchange Credit Planning Checklist to get started and if you need additional assistance planning your Melbourne degree, you can book an appointment with a Course Planning adviser.
I have not yet chosen my major area of study List the major/specialization area of study that you are most likely to complete in your Melbourne degree.
How much detail do I need to supply when listing subjects? Be as specific as possible when listing the discipline of subjects. For example, Finance, rather than Commerce, and Biology, rather than Science. 
Also make sure to list whether you are taking the subject as core, elective or breath subject for your Melbourne degree. If you are unsure what you should be listing here, please make an appointment with a Course Planning adviser to make sure you know your requirements for your Melbourne degree.
I am not sure what credit I need in my Melbourne degree Plan out your Melbourne degree subjects using the online resources available: the Melbourne Handbook and Course Planning resources. If you need additional assistance, book a Course Planning adviser appointment. 
I am not sure what subjects I will take overseas Research the host institutions subject handbook to ensure you can study the subject disciplines you need for credit. If you have trouble accessing institution handbooks, you can contact Global Learning staff via ask.unimelb.edu.au. 


Issue Suggestion
I don't have a passport yet. You should apply for one as soon as possible. Please make sure you note this in the passport section of your application form. You must attach your passport application receipt as evidence.
I have two passports. Attach both passports. Make sure that the passport you intend to use has at least six months validity after the conclusion of your overseas study period.
My current passport is going to expire just after the deadline. Attach your current passport and indicate on your application form that you are going to renew your passport. Once you have renewed your passport, submit an online enquiry and send through a copy of your new passport.

Studying overseas in your final semester

Issue Suggestion
I want to go study overseas in my final semester.

You can apply to undertake an overseas study program for your final semester, however:

  • Studying overseas in your final semester may delay your graduation by 612 months.
  • Some partner host institutions may not allow you to study there if you are in your final year. Check the 'Special Conditions' tab of the institution's Programs Database entry.
  • It may be difficult to find equivalent subjects overseas. You would need to ensure your overseas study plan is well researched. You can book a course planning appointment at Stop 1 to discuss which subjects you will need to take during your overseas study to ensure you can complete your degree on schedule.