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Results review

How do I request a review of my results?

If you have read and considered the reasons for failure in the failing a subject FAQ and believe your grade is not a reflection of your efforts, please read the information below.

Seek Feedback

If you have any queries about your mark, you should initially seek feedback by speaking to your subject coordinator about the reasons for your grade in that particular subject.

These discussions can help you understand your overall result; they are not an opportunity to request that your exam paper be re-marked or that your mark be adjusted.

If you have performed below expectations in an exam and wish to view your paper, you may do so by requesting a script viewing session. Some Departments, Schools and Faculties have official script viewing sessions for each subject. If your subject does not have an official viewing session, contact the subject coordinator.

Exam review appointments for Faculty of Business and Economics students are available for undergraduate and graduate subjects.


Reassessment is not available in all courses. The dean determines the availability of reassessment and publishes applicable details in subject outlines. Refer to the Assessment and Results policy for more information.

Appealing a Result

If, after you have sought feedback from teaching staff, you wish to appeal your result, please read the appealing a result FAQ.