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Short-term overseas study program applications

What is a short-term overseas study program and how do I apply?

Short-term overseas study programs give you a chance to study overseas in summer or winter breaks. You may receive 12.525 credits, depending on the duration of the program. Program dates fit within University breaks, however it's possible to return in Week 2 of semester with special conditions.

To find out more about short-term programs, the institutions available to you and how to apply, visit our Study overseas website.


  1. Do I need to attend a myWorld First Step session?

    No, this is not a requirement for short-term programs. myWorld First Step information sessions are only relevant for semester or year-long exchange programs.

  2. Do I need to apply for travel insurance?

    Yes. Please complete this step once you have successfully received your acceptance notification for a short-term program. More information can be found in the Get ready section of our step-by-step guide.

  3. I have completed the application through the Programs Database, what do I do next?

    You will be contacted once applications have been assessed.

  4. I've been approved for a short-term overseas study program. What happens next?

    Visit our Step-by-step guide for more information about how to get ready, and things to know for when you arrive and while overseas. You can also see our Short-term overseas study programs FAQ.