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eApplication Course Application Preferences

Does the order of my course preferences matter when submitting an application via the eApplication system?

When applying via the eApplication system, you have the option of applying for more than one course as part of your application to the University of Melbourne. If you include more than one course in the application, you must consider which course is your first preference for study.

Please list courses in order of preference (i.e. the course you want the most should be listed as your number one preference).  If you change your mind, you can add, delete or re-order your courses any time before the closing date.

Your course applications will be assessed by the University in the preference order indicated in your application. Your second preference course will only be assessed for admission if you unsuccessful in gaining a place in your first preference course, and so on.

The default preference order is the order in which you add courses to the application.

You can change your course preferences while creating your application, on the My Courses tab on the course selection screen.

You can change preferences after submitting the application, by logging in using the credentials you were emailed when your application was created, and following instructions on the Application Summary screen.

Undergraduate applications

Generally one offer will be issued, for the highest preference for which you are eligible. If you are not eligible for entry to any of the courses in your application, we will let you know.

Graduate applications

You may receive more than one offer, particularly if your highest preferences are for courses with fixed-date selection rounds (this will be indicated on the relevant course web page) or where you have applied for courses across different Graduate Schools. If you are not eligible for entry to any of the courses in your application, we will let you know.