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Fees - Student Invoice

What is the Student Invoice and how do I obtain it?

The Student Invoice is issued regularly throughout the year and is only available online via my.unimelb. It only includes those fees due for payment within that particular invoicing period, usually within the following 4-5 weeks. You will only be issued a Student Invoice if you have a payment due within the invoicing period.

If you make changes to your enrolment, your Student Invoice may not accurately reflect your fee liability for the invoicing period. In this instance, you will need to generate a Statement of Liability after finalising your enrolment to see what fees apply.

Your invoice only displays unpaid fees. Subjects which are fully paid by previous payments (such as the international tuition fee deposit) will not appear on this Statement. To view payments received into your account and all your enrolled subjects' tuition fee charges for the calendar year please download your Fee Account Statement via my.unimelb.

How do I get a student invoice?

Your Student Invoice is issued electronically. An email will be sent to your University email account to inform you when your Student Invoice is issued. The email includes instructions on how to access your Student Invoice.

To access your Student Invoice, visit the Documents page of my.unimelb and select ‘Invoice’ from the Document Type drop-down menu.

If you are navigating to your Student Invoice from an 'eStudent' screen, please select the 'Details' tab from the top menu and select 'Documents' from the left sidebar menu. You will be notified by email when your Student Invoice becomes available.

It is important that you regularly check your email and access your invoice immediately after issue. If you need to activate your email account or change your password you can do so via the Accounts Management website.

How do I pay my fees?

The payment methods available (including payment references) are detailed on the pay-in slip of your Student Invoice and Statement of Liability. For more information on how to pay your fees, visit the Fee Payment FAQ.