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How can I check my fees and payments?

Checking your balance

There are three statements that provide information about your unpaid fees, payment due dates, payment options and payments received by the university.

  1. Statement of Liability: Lists the most up-to-date details of your fees owing, payment due dates and payment options for the full calendar year. It is updated whenever you change your enrolment, and can be used as an invoice for fee payment. You can download your Statement of Liability from my.unimelb at any time.
  2. Student Invoice: Lists your fees owing, payment due dates and payment options for the current billing period only. Invoices are sent to your student email account throughout the year. Find out how to read and understand your Student Invoice in our understanding your Student Invoice guide (PDF 419.0 KB).
  3. Fee Account Statement: Lists all your fees charged, payments received and how these payments have been allocated to your account. This statement can be used as a receipt for payments you've made.
Please note: International students - your Fee Account Statement shows which subjects your fee deposit has been allocated to. These subjects will not appear on your Statement of Liability or your Student Invoice, as they have already been paid.

Each statement contains different information as summarised in the below table.


Available on (Statement Type)

  Student Invoice Statement of Liabilty Fee Account Statement
Fees due for a specific billing period  Yes    
All unpaid fees    Yes  
Payment Methods  Yes  Yes  
History of payments made      Yes
Census date for unpaid subject fees  Yes  Yes  
Fee Due Dates  Yes  Yes  

Credits/Receipted Amounts
(if you have paid ahead)

Optional Fees and Payments
(for deferral to HELP debt)
 Yes  Yes  

How can I get a copy of my Student Invoice?

You can access your Student Invoice via my.unimelb:

To access your Student Invoice, visit the Documents page of my.unimelb and select ‘Invoice’ from the Document Type drop-down menu.

If you are navigating to your Student Invoice from an 'eStudent' screen, please select the 'Details' tab from the top menu and select 'Documents' from the left sidebar menu.

You will be notified by email when your Student Invoice becomes available.

When do I receive my Student Invoice?

The Student Invoice is issued regularly throughout the year and only includes those fees due for payment within that particular invoicing period, usually within the following 4-5 weeks. You will only be issued a Student Invoice if you have a payment due within the invoicing period.

It is important that you regularly check your email and access your invoice immediately after issue. If you need to activate your email account you can do so via the Accounts Management website.

Statement of Liability

Your Statement of Liability lists all unpaid fees for the year and updates immediately for subject changes. To see your Statement of Liability, visit the Fee Information page in my.unimelb.

Fee Payment Methods

The payment methods available (including payment references) are detailed on the pay-in slip of your Student Invoice and Statement of Liability. For more information about payment methods, see Pay my fees. 

Fee Account Statement

The online Fee Account Statement displays your fee charges and payments for a selected year. You can use your Fee Account Statement to check that the University has received your payment. Scholarships and sponsorships are also recorded against each fee charge. You can order your Fee Account Statement online via the Fee Account Statement page in my.unimelb.

Manual Fee Statements

In some instances, the online Fee Account Statement is not available. You can request a Manual Fee Statement from the University instead. Please consult the below table to confirm the method for obtaining your statement.

Request for


 Online Fee Account Statement  Manual Fee Statement
Past students who no longer have access to my.unimelb    Yes
Years prior to 2011    Yes
2011- current year  Yes  
FEE-HELP limit applies and has been exceeded    Yes

You can request a Manual Fee Statement by emailing a request to sa-fees[@]unimelb.edu.au from your University email account. If you are a past student, you will need to include proof of identity such as a certified copy of your passport or driver’s licence.

Sponsored Students

If your fees are sponsored and billed to an external organisation, the amount to be billed to your sponsor is displayed as a sponsored amount against the tuition fee charge on your account. This does not always mean that your tuition fees have been paid. If your sponsor fails to pay, you will be notified of the outstanding charges and will be liable to pay any outstanding amount.