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my.unimelb Feedback

How do I provide feedback or an idea for my.unimelb?

Submitting Feedback or a Suggestion

There is a pink feedback button on the far left of all pages in my.unimelb, about halfway down the page. This tab takes you to an online tool that allows the submission of ideas and feedback, and allows you to vote on other people's ideas and feedback. Please tell us how you feel and what can be done better, but remember to keep it friendly. This tool should not be used for technical assistance; for technical assistance, please contact Stop 1 or speak to Student IT.

Providing Anonymous Feedback

When providing feedback you are asked to provide a name, but if you wish for your feedback to remain anonymous you needn't provide one. You are, however, required to enter a valid email address. Only the administrators can see the email address, just in case we need to contact you for more information on your issue or idea. Please remember to keep feedback friendly and submit constructive feedback; we want to ensure everyone feels comfortable using the feedback tool.