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Building Access

How can I gain access to buildings/facilities?

Your student card is automatically programmed to give you access to the University's main libraries, some study spaces and computer labs.

Graduate students are also automatically granted access to the Graduate Centre in the 1888 building, including after-hours access.

I am unable to access the building/room I need to, what should I do?

You should ask yourself the following:

  1. Has my student card expired? If so, you will need to get a replacement card.
  2. Is my student card working? To check this, you will need to test your card against a card reader (e.g. at the main entrance door of a building):
    • If the card reader beeps: this means your student card is functional. If there is no beep: your student card is faulty and will need to be replaced.
  3. Have I been granted access to this building/room? Refer to your faculty page on building access for more information on which rooms you should be able to access:

If you can't see your faculty in this list, contact your faculty or graduate school for assistance.

I can't access the University's main libraries

Your student card should automatically give you access to the University's main libraries and some study spaces:

  • Baillieu library
  • Biomed library
  • ERC library
  • Giblin Eunson library
  • Physics podium, David Caro building (walkway access)

If you can't access the above spaces with your student card, submit a request for access to these spaces.

I need access to a specific lab or room, how do I get this?

If you need access to a specific lab or room as part of your course, your lecturer will inform you and access can be organised through your faculty.

I am a graduate student but I can't access the Graduate Centre in the 1888 building

All graduate student cards should be automatically programmed with access to the Graduate Centre in the 1888 building. If you have trouble accessing the Graduate Centre, submit a request for access.

I am a graduate researcher and need access to a specific lab/room

You should contact your Supervisor in the first instance who will be able to help with organising access.