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Commonwealth Support Request Status

My Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP (or FEE-HELP) is 'Submitted - Awaiting approval', what does this mean?

Students may receive a 'Submitted - Awaiting approval' message when submitting one of the following forms during online enrolment:

Why have I received this message?

The details entered on the form may be inconsistent with the details recorded in the University's system.

What should I do when I receive this message?

Enrolment Management Services will email you within 3 working days. Please check your University email account for advice.

If the details you have entered on the form are inconsistent with the details recorded in the University's system, we will advise you of these inconsistencies and ask you to re-submit your form via the relevant Enrolment webpage or have your details updated.

When your form is approved, you should return to your relevant Enrolment webpage (specified on your 'Offer Letter') and complete your enrolment steps.

For further queries, please email sa-can@unimelb.edu.au