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Honours Degree

What is an Honours Program? How is it different to a degree awarded 'with Honours'?

An Honours Degree

An Honours Degree is an extra year of study on top of a three year Bachelor course, designed to qualify a student for higher degree (PhD or research masters) study. Students seeking to complete an Honours Degree must submit a course application towards the end of their Bachelor degree, as this is considered a separate course.

A list of Honours courses available at the University of Melbourne can be found by searching the Handbook. All New Generation Bachelor degrees offer an Honours year, although not all specialisations are offered.

A Degree with Honours

A degree 'with honours' is usually awarded in the last year of a four year Bachelor degree to students who obtain defined honours grades (such as an H1) in specified course components. Sometimes students are required to include a research project or thesis as a fourth year elective subject. This only applies to students who are currently admitted into a four year Bachelor degree. Please note that the course length for New Generation Bachelor Degrees is three years.