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Course Completion

When will I have completed my course?

All Students

Students will know when they have successfully completed their course(s) on the final results release date in their final semester.  Around this time, students:

Course completions can only be finalised and recorded once results for all of the subjects a student has undertaken as part of their course have been finalised (for example, if a student has received special assessment, their course completion can only be recorded once the result of the special assessment are finalised, and all course requirements have been met).

Undergraduate Students

Student must complete:

  • the total points requirement of their course (e.g. 300 points for the Bachelor of Commerce, 100 points for a concurrent diploma etc.)
  • any minimum points requirements for each year level, and
  • any other degree requirement specified in the course entry in the University Handbook (e.g. complete core subjects, complete a major in the BSc, etc.)

Combined degree students (unless the student has discontinued a component and has sufficient credit points to enable completion of one degree) or students undertaking a concurrent diploma cannot be awarded one component without completing the other. 

Postgraduate Coursework Students

Students must complete the total points requirement of their course (e.g. 100 points for a Postgraduate Diploma etc), all core components and any minimum points requirements for each year level.