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Concurrent diplomas and cross-crediting

What does it mean to cross-credit subjects within my Concurrent Diploma, and how can I do it?

Cross-crediting is available to undergraduate students and enables you to credit a subject toward your undergraduate degree (i.e. bachelor) and your concurrent diploma. Cross-crediting is unavailable to graduate students.

When a subject is cross-credited:

  • it counts toward the points requirements for each course
  • it is listed under your degree and diploma on your academic transcript
  • the numeric marks (e.g. 74%) obtained for the cross-credited subjects will count toward the separate Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for each course. For example: if you cross-credit GERM10006 German 5 from your degree to your diploma, the mark for GERM10006 German 5 will contribute to your degree WAM and your diploma WAM.

Which subjects can I cross-credit?

A subject can only be cross-credited if it is listed in the University Handbook as one of the subject options for that course. It is not possible to cross-credit an unlisted subject. Subjects which have been credited from a University of Melbourne exchange study program toward a bachelor degree can may also be cross-credited towards the diploma.

How do I cross-credit subjects?

  1. Use the course map that you develop as part of your application for admission to the concurrent diploma course to show which subjects you plan to cross-credit between your undergraduate degree and your diploma.
  2. Submit an Enrolment Assistance Form at the end of each study period when you have passed the subjects that you would like to cross-credit (you cannot cross-credit subjects that you have failed or subjects with pending results).
  3. On the Enrolment Variation form, state which subjects you'd like cross-credited and the course to which the subjects is to be cross-credited.

It is important to complete the Enrolment Variation Form at the end of each study period so that we can identify when you are on track to complete your course requirements and invite you to graduate. This will also enable you to make the most of HECS-exemption arrangements which are available to some students undertaking the Diploma in Languages or the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences.

How many credit points can I cross-credit?

50 points maximum can be cross-credited between a bachelor degree and concurrent diploma. 300 points is normally required to complete a bachelor degree, and an additional 100 points is normally needed for a concurrent diploma.If you choose to cross-credit subject/s you could complete both courses in 350 points.

Some students choose not to cross-credit subjects as they wish to undertake the total number of credit points available in their degree and their diploma (e.g. 400 points total if undertaking a 300-point bachelor degree and 100-point diploma).