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Requisite Waiver

How can I get subject prerequisites or corequisites waived?

Undergraduate students

VCE prerequisites

If the prerequisite is a VCE subject (or equivalent) and you believe that you have completed other study equivalent to this, please follow the requisite waiver process for Non-VCE Prerequisite Subjects.

University prerequisites

You must complete all prerequisites for a subject so that you have sufficient background knowledge and skills to cope with the subject’s content. You will be prevented from enrolling in a subject if you have not:

  • Completed the required prerequisites


  • Enrolled in the required prerequisites and are due to complete them by the time the subject begins. 

If you have completed subjects at another university or if you have completed a sequence of subjects at the University of Melbourne that you believe meet the prerequisite for the subject you want to enrol into, you can contact the Subject Coordinator to seek approval for a requisite waiver. Before contacting the Subject Coordinator, you will need to supply the syllabus of any non-University of Melbourne subjects and include an academic transcript that indicates you have successfully completed the subjects or you will need to provide a link to the online Handbook entry for the University of Melbourne subjects you believe meet the prerequisites. You will not be able to enrol into the subject unless you have written support from the Subject Coordinator. Subject Coordinator contact details can be found in the subject’s Handbook entry.

Graduate Coursework students

You may apply to enrol in a subject without having completed the subject’s prerequisites (or being enrolled and due to complete prerequisites by the time the subject begins), if you have:

  • A sound academic record (e.g. honours average), and
  • Written support of the Subject Coordinator.

Your application will be assessed based upon your past academic performance, previous study and/or experience.

Overseas study students

Information on requesting requisite waivers for study completed overseas through an Exchange or Fee-paying program can be found on the Requisite waivers page.

Faculty of Business and Economics students

Requisite waivers are not permitted for subjects taught by the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE). If you do not meet the prerequisite by the time the subjects begins, you are not allowed to take the subject. You must:
  • Have already completed the prerequisite or enrolled in the prerequisite for a later study period (provided that you enrol and complete the prerequisite by the time the subject begins)
  • Choose a different subject (if it is an elective).

For VCE prerequisites

Follow the requisite waiver process for Non-VCE Prerequisite Subjects.

For all other requisites

Visit the Requisite waivers page for instructions.