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Points and Courses

What are credit points and how do they relate to my course requirements?

The University of Melbourne operates on a common points system.

 Load type  Standard credit points  Standard number of subjects
 Single subject  12.5 points  1 subject
 Single Semester  50 points  4 subjects
 Full year  100 points  8 subjects

Please note: some subjects have non-standard credit point weightings (anywhere between 6.25 and 100 credit points).

Not only do courses require you to complete an overall amount of credit points to graduate (see section below on different degree types). They usually also have rules about completing certain amounts of credit points from particular categories or lists of subjects. For example, stipulating minimum and/or maximum points from:

  • core or compulsory subjects
  • electives
  • certain areas of study
  • certain levels of study 

Such course rules are found in the University Handbook under relevant entries for your course (and any majors, minors or specialisations you may be taking).

Why are subjects worth different credit points?

Standard subjects are worth 12.5 credit points, however there are some subjects worth anywhere between 6.25 and 100 credit points. Generally speaking, the number of credit points that a subject is worth is related to the workload involved in taking the subject. The expected workload involved for a 25 point subject would be roughly double that of a 12.5 point subject. A 6.25 point subject would equate to half the workload of a standard subject.

Points Required for different degree types

 Degree Type  Points Required
 3-year Bachelor Degree  300 points
 4-year Bachelor Degree  400 points
 Honours Degree  100 points (above Bachelor requirements)
 Graduate Certificate  50 points 
 Graduate Diploma   100/150 points (depending on the course)
 Masters by coursework  100/150/200 points (depending on the course)

Consult the University Handbook to see the point structure requirements for your course.