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Maximum Course Length

What is the maximum time allowed to complete my course?

You must complete your course within a specified number of years from the commencement of your studies (sometimes referred to as your 'must complete by' date or 'course duration'). This includes periods of leave of absence or other absence.

For coursework courses offered:

  • Full-time only: For courses that are only available on a full-time basis, n + 2 years, where n = normal full-time duration of the course; and
  • Part-time or full-time basis: For courses that are available on either a full-time or part-time basis, 2n + 2 years, where n = normal full-time duration of the course

If you are taking a concurrent diploma, you will have an additional year added to the normal full-time course duration of the bachelor degree.

Check your course duration and if it is available part-time in the Handbook.

Reaching the maximum time allowed to complete your course is a trigger for unsatisfactory academic progress and you will be invited to attend a Course Academic Progress Committee (CAPC) meeting. The CAPC may extend your maximum time to complete by a maximum of one year if they determine you are likely to complete within this time.

For more information view the policy outlining the maximum time to complete.